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InGen Genetics Lab


This set portrays the building block of Jurassic World and Park: The InGen Genetics Lab. This is a perfect set for fans of both the two movies. What Dinosaur will the team make next make next? How will they do it? Its yours to decide! This sets also great because it involves science! Honestly, who doesn't love science?


The set comes with two minifigures:


Lab Assistant

It also includes:

A amber brick

A Baby T-Rex

A minifigure stand

The price of the set would aim for about 25-50 USD.

 Why this would be a great Lego set?

This would be a great set for kids because it involves science and a awesome movie! Lego should have more science in its themes and this is the set to do just that! This would also be a good set for Jurassic Park!

If you like Jurassic World, InGen, or if you like science in general,

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