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Separatist Droid Carrier


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Hi LEGO Ideas browsers!

This is my new project for my Separatist Droid Carrier!

Right now we will focus on "Why this even exists", then I'll tell you about the set itself.

When the Separatists broke off from the Republic, they needed to rename themselves "The Separatist Alliance". How do you do that? You make an alliance, a group of systems or companies. When they did just that, Count Dooku appeared as their leader. Then they "Aligned" with Nute Gunray who wanted revenge against Padme, the one who led the attack on Theed Palace after Nute had taken over.

When they made this bargain, the war was about to start. The deadliest war of all.

The Clone Wars.

When the war started, they made more heavy artillery to fight a war, then that was the creation of the Separatist Droid Carrier.

This set comes with 12 B1 battle droids, 1 B1 pilot droid, and 2 B2 super battle droids.

I hope you like the the set and follow, comment, and support!

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