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Hot Stuff


Hot Stuff is all about outdoor cooking and an homage to fellow BBQ dads toiling out there. This recipe can be used by anyone and is so good there will be no leftovers whatsoever.

The perfect Father’s Day gift!
Prep Time          : About 2 months
Cook Time         : Max 2 years and 60 days
Servings            : I’d say about a zillion

- One outdoor kitchen including:
  • Pizza oven
  • Grill
  • Stove
  • Kamado
  • Sink
  • Kitchen table
- One oversized truck
- A smoker on a trailer
- Two palm trees
- One pitmaster (someone who knows their way around a smoker or grill)
- One chef’s aid (somewhat clumsy assistant, prone to mishaps)

Step 1
Have an epiphany.

Step 2
Let the idea marinate in the back of your mind for a few weeks. Continuously invent and add new flavours to the idea while marinating.

Step 3
Fire up the ol’ computer and start building the marinated idea. It doesn’t matter where you begin. Just do.

Step 4
During construction sprinkle the model continuously with a homemade rub of various details. The more, the better.

Step 5
Lacquer parts of your model in different colours until you find the perfect combination.

Step 6
Make a few appetizing renders and put them in the submission oven. Cook it slowly to the ideal amount of supporters.

Step 7
Check your submission daily. When the temperature reaches 10,000 supporters, the recipe is done.

No animals were harmed during the design of this set... at least no live ones.

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