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Herbie: The Love Bug

EDIT 7/17/2013: So I added some new modifications. First I made Herbie a little shorter for being a VW. Some new concept box art was added. New Lindsay Lohan minifigure has been added.

With the recent success of the Back to the Future DeLorean, I thought "Maybe its time for another famous car to shine, Herbie: The Love Bug." I've loved this car since I was a kid, and its a very famous car today still. I think it could be a great set for anyone one who saw it in 1968, to the kids just watching the movies today, plus this would be a great collectors item for fans like myself. Now this is not the final build of Herbie. Below are some more pictures of Herbie:

Side View.

Front/ Side View.

Back View.

and finally Herbie and his famous driver Maggie Peyton.

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