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KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Cookies

The KitchenAid stand mixer has been an fixture of many, many kitchens for decades, and it's in knead of recognition! This set is modeled after the iconic stand mixer, and colored in a vibrant shade of red. This mixer is made up of a base, a mixer head, a mixing bowl, and even a whisk attachment!

The mixer head can be lifted up and down, with a degree of motion that resembles the real thing. The mixer head also has a little lever like a real mixer to set the power of the mixing. When the head is lifted up, you can remove the mixing bowl. The mixing bowl also has a locking mechanism. You insert the bowl at the right orientation, and twist it until it stops. From that position, you can't lift the bowl, and you're ready for mixing. The whisk attachment spins around and around.

Although it's not pictured here, this model could be created so that motorization is allowed. By allowing motorization, you could power on the mixer and have it operate just like the real thing.

To mark all of the possibilities that a stand mixer brings to a home chef, this model also includes a plate of cookies. There's a chocolate chip cookie, a double chocolate cookie, and a sugar cookie. This set looks like it belongs in a kitchen, and ready for whatever a culinary imagination brings.

I created this model because of my love of cooking and baking. Much like LEGO, cooking and baking are other forms of creation, where you take building blocks, use your hands, and through clever techniques, produce something wonderful. I think food and culinary items could be a really interesting avenue for LEGO models, and this is my unique take on how to enter that idea space. As well, food is a powerful connector. Everyone has some memory related to food, and I hope that this model brings up great memories in people of baking with family members, and enjoying the delicious things they made and shared

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