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Crow's Knight Fortress

Welcome to the famous crow knight's fortress, defended by the brave Falcons.
On the roof there are 3 archers, while a brave knight with the halberd protects the entrance door. Above his black horse another knight watches and controls a wayfarer and a forestman, passing in front of the fortress. Inside, the crow's knight is climbing the stairs, to go and rest a bit in his room on the first floor. On the lower floor a blacksmith, is working on a helmet in his workshop. The fortress hides on one side a secret cave, inside there are several precious gems, but it is also infested with spiders, scorpions and a terrible ghost.

The build includes 10 minifigures:
- the crow's knight
- 3 archers
- a knight with halberd
- a knight on horseback
- a blacksmith
- a forestman
- a wayfarer
- a ghost

I hope you like my build. Thanks for your support.

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