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Retro Space Hero's Spaceship (and Spacebike)


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The Retro Space Hero minifigure reminds me of Classic Space Lego and Duck Dodgers-like space adventures.

The first time I saw this character I immediately thought: this guy should have a spaceship!  How would it be?

This project is the result of that idea. A spaceship to take our hero to all sorts of adventures through space.

The Spaceship carries a Spacebike, has a huge retractable landing gear, 360º laser guns, access ramp with ladder to the cabin and two powerful and accessible plasma engines to enter hyperspace.

I believe it would be a great Lego set because it brings back the nostalgia of Lego Classic Space with new colors and design, and can provide tons of imaginative space adventures for kids of all ages.

Pieces: 689.

Minifigure: Retro Space Hero (Series 17).

Hope you like!

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