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The Voyager and the Void


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Launch dangerous trips through space! Traversing through an unknown void is the Voyager. But a problem arises: Space Pirates. Only you can choose how this ends! 

This project is a futuristic Spaceship build, centered around Voyager and its crew. There are also Meteors for added play value. There are three Explorers: The Technician (Cluster), an android, and Myaxx, the pilot. Two meteors are included, plus a space pirate, who flies his hunter-class starship. As part of this scene I included several support vehicles/equipment. There is 1 repair droid and 1 assistance droid, who can perform numerous tasks such as piloting, repairs, medical assistance, etc. 


  • 4 energy blasters  

  • 1 Warp cycle 

  • 2 meteors 

  • 2 droids 

  • 2 Hyper-Trails 

  • 2 Ion cannons 

  • 2 flick-fire missiles 

  • 2 digi-blades 

  • 4 light boosters 

  • 1 Escape pod 

This project includes 207 bricks and 4 minifigures. 

Thank you for your support! It means so much to me! Good luck to everyone! 

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