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City Terrace Bar


Hi! I'm Gerard, I'm thirteen and I'm here another time to submit this project that I have built with my LEGO pieces. It's a cool Terrace Bar with any type of things.  Well, my languages are Catalan and Spanish, so I'm going to do my best explaining the project. I'm sorry about any mistake.

- Bar (counter): On the counter we can see some glasses and two "pumps" of drinks. In the other side there's the cash and the computer and behind there's the man owner of the terrace.
- Kitchen: In the kitchen there are the stoves and the "water taps". There's a paella pan and a microwave too.
- Tables: There are 2 single tables, 2 tables for two persons and 2 large tables for four persons.
- Others: The terrace has a cool slot machine, or "game machine". The terrace has got a great decoration and design using the blue and the white. The sign that says "BAR" is in horizontal and behind there are some mini stairs.

- Terrace owner
- Woman
- Man (with orange T-shirt)
- Man (with swimsuit)


I hope you will valorate my work and writing in English so I'm pleased to recieve your support!! Thanks ;D

Please comment and say what you want: any type of mistake or suggestion, always with respect. :)



Some text in Spanish and Catalan (my languages):

Hey! ¿Hay alguien que hable español aquí? ;D Si lo eres te invito a dar soporte a mi nuevo proyecto creado con mis piezas de LEGO. Es una Bar "tipo terraza" inspirado en España. :D

Psst, també parlo català!! Segueix-me!!

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