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Astro Boy

Astro Boy(鉄腕アトム in Japanese), is a Japanese manga series written by Osamu Tezuka in 1952. Astro Boy is the main character of the story, an android robot created by Dr. Umataro Tenma. In the plot, Tenma's son, Tobio was died in an accident and he wanted to use his creation Astro Boy to heal his sorrow for his lost of Tobio. Sadly, Dr. Tenma later realized that no matter how he treated Astro Boy like his son the reality of Tobio's death won't change. This was a void couldn't be filled by a replica. Thereafter, Astro Boy was rejected by Tenma and they were separated. The story goes on with Astro Boy's exciting adventures. Astro Boy is the one who will fight against injustice, crime and even aliens using his super skills and power. In my design, some of the featured powers are included in the figure:
  • High Light intensity Eyes
  • Rocket Jet Flight
  • Finger lasers
  • Electro Heart.

The whole design set consists of 4 items:
  1. Astro Boy figure (Free mode)
  2. A transparent flying stand with 1 pairs = 2 LED for the lighting of rocket jet thrust
  3. A base with embedded Rechargeable Battery Box (Lab Set) with 2 pairs = 4 LED for the lighting of the eyes & the electro heart
  4. A factory style frame with Astro Boy's power cables (Power Set)

You can check out more by clicking this link for a video of my creation: 

I wish that Astro Boy, this signature young android hero can become a real Lego set so that children all over the world can be inspired by his story and also have a lot of fun.

Please support this project !  Many thanks !

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