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Fancy Detailed Hotel with Pool


This hotel, inspired by a real chain hotel, has a lobby with four chairs and a cracker dish, a snack shop with a fridge of food and drinks, a coin star machine, a check-in desk, a pair of working automatic sliding doors, a pool, an elevator, and ice machine, and a bedroom with a bed, chest, and table with a stool. There are some minifigures to use as staff and guests. Sorry that the screenshot thing only let me take 5 screenshots. You can't see inside very well. The hotel is made of about 1,000 pieces. (936). It is a great set to support because the interior is fully detailed and the roofs are easily removable because I used some smooth pieces. It's a great set because of all the nougat colored bricks that are rare and it's fun for kids and teenagers and adults to build and play with. Please support this great hotel and my fun pirate ship cruise thing. 

Lego Builder Neggit 

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