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Police Battle Mech Robot


This is my second submission of this project I would really appreciate support. :) 

This is my own personal creation, I have always liked huge robots and when I was a kid i wanted to build a robot to fight with my little characters, and over the years it developed bigger and bigger and more advanced up to the final model today. It has one interchangeable arm that goes from basic hand to blaster cannon as shown in alternate images. It has four wheels placed strategically on the backside to allow the bot to lay down and roll. The final feature is a removable back plate which exposes a hole to insert the wings. The bot also includes numerous locations for add-ons such as guns, rockets etc. allowing for the user to put their own personal touch on it. I know the coloration isn't the best, that's because its made entirely of spare parts from other sets. I envisioned a blue and white color scheme to fit the Police theme but if the idea even makes it to LEGO HQ I'm sure they will decide the color scheme.

The creation is built to take a hit without shattering to pieces like many Lego sets I have used in the past. Its a great medium difficulty build that leaves a lot to the imagination, kids would have a blast playing with this. I know I did, i just wish i would've had instructions to begin with. A lot of projects here are generic, or mainstream that Lego could build if they felt like it with no trouble, and not to be biased or anything but I feel like this site is for those people who take the time to create something that people don't see often, something that would make a fun to build fun to play set that goes beyond the excitement of the build. I know i played with countless Lego sets when i was younger and i would build it up use it for a day or two then try to change it to make it my own. This set would allow kids to build from the instructions then look further and make the arm twice as big or give it two more arms or make it a car, whatever they dream of and that's what Lego is all about.

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