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The Bridge of Crag (With the Rain Cloud Approaching).


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Crossing over a cliff is an experience of walking by chasms, of course, an unforgettable experience. But is needed always continue the crossing safely. How would about this experience with the rain? This is captured in this Lego Idea. It is a Lego Idea project set about a crag (cliff), a bridge and the rain.
Well, this is Lego Idea, The Bridge of crag (with the rain cloud approaching), that is showed a landscape set with a cliff, a cave, the crag and some water elements, too; in addition, there is a basic construction (one base) of the bridge (with a bunker) and a bridge itself (with wood and rope).
What is more, there are other elements in this set, such as slope of water, rivers, maps and more, the representation of rain, the highest observatory, such as the stairways of the cave and so much more.
Let in the rain! And cross the bridge, safety.

This set contains:
887 pieces (in a plate base 32 x 32, color "dark stone gray", with various other types of bases),
03 minifigures,
Pets / animals (bird, monkey, rats, fish and others),
A construction about the rain, in an abstract and free view,
The bunker, the cliff and the bridge constructions, and
Many transparents elements; and much more.

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