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Bolide Blu

This project was born following the motorization with Poweredup, of several static LEGO models, I like to try to motorize the already existing machine models, using only the pieces of that set, adding only motors and Poweredup control unit.
I tried to create a new model and it came out: BOLIDE BLU, the model is all made up, it looks like a racing car, a hot rod or similar..
Motorized model with powered up, to be moved remotely via app from your smartphone.
Model function: forward, reverse, steering, controlled remotely.
The model is equipped with 4 shock absorbers, lowered suspensions, opening doors, opening luggage and bonnet, battery compartment easily accessible from the underside.
Motorized with 3 motors (L TECHNIC), 2 for forward movement, 1 for steering, and a control unit (HUB TECHNIC).
781 pieces, dimensions: (36.1cm x 21.2cm x 14.6cm) (14.2in x 8.3in x 5.8in).
I thank everyone who likes my project and will support me.

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