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Knight Rider


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Being a big fan of the Knight Rider TV-series (4 seasons, broadcasted 1982-1986) I always wanted to have my own KITT made out of Legos.

After building and uploading my first Knight Rider project here some while ago (, I searched and found for ways to improve my design. The most important improvement for sure is the use of a red light Lego brick instead of the sticker version. Second in line would be the new, smoother outlines, including the hood as well as the rear window and spoiler. Last but not least there is a more accurate interior, now including a steering wheel more realistic in size. Further you may choose now between the T-top and the classic roof.

This set consists of

  • 174 parts (without minifigure)
  • 1 Lego light brick (red)
  • 3 stickers (main dashboard elements, dashboard monitor, number plate)
  • 1 minifigure Michael Knight

So please, if you are a fan of the TV-series or just a fan of cool cars built using Legos support my project, link it to facebook, tell your friends, mention this project while being interviewed for television after winning the Play Offs or in any other situation that might be helpful to make this a real Lego Set.

2016 would be perfect to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this cult series of the 80s (just because we missed 2012-2015).

Keep checking back for updates!

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