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Overpriced Coffee Shop


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"Overpriced Coffee Shop" blends the complexity and interactivity of Lego Expert modular sets with the clever fun of The Lego Movie.  The roof can be lifted to reveal a chic coffee shop with all the trimmings - pastries, espresso, blender, paper cups, and shelves with merch.  The set was designed to attach to the side of 10232 (Palace Cinema), and extends the "walk of fame" pattern on the sidewalk out front.  I imagine it would come with a barrista (like Larry from Series 11), a police officer, and a customer in a business suit.  Maybe an ecstatically happy Emmett could be included, as well.  My five and seven-year-old daughters helped me design the original concept, based loosely on the scene early in The Lego Movie.  The sign was designed using the logo on the cup that comes with Larry the Barrista from minifigure series 11.

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