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Prague Astronomical Clock


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This build is based on the Prague Astronomical Clock. I has lots of moving parts, so check under the "Updates" tab to see the video.

The first thing I want to talk about is the car. The back opens up and inside the back is a camera. Also, when you pull the car back, it rolls like a real car.

The next thing is the house. The door on the front opens so you can see the inside from there. The back is all open so you can see the detail inside. Inside there is a bed, a table, a chair, and a pantry with food on the table and in the pantry. Next to the house is a little garden. In front of the house and the clock is a path for the minifigures to walk on. In front of that is a two lane road, then grass and flowers, then a sidewalk.

And now, the best part, the Prague Astronomical Clock! The fist cool thing is the front. At the bottom is the calendar, then the astronomical dial and hands. On both sides of the face is 4 mini statues like there are on the real clock. Above the clock is the "angel" statue, then behind that is the rooster statue. Above that is a spire, "pointing to a window halfway up the clock tower. Now, we're at the top of the clock tower, with a four-faced clock, then at top there are spires to look like the real clock. All of that was just the outside. Now, let's get to the inside! The back is open like the hose so you have the most playability available. The first cool thing on the inside is the gears. When you slide your finger on the horizontal gear, it moves all the other gears so it looks like the mechanism of the clock. Behind that is a bell that you can swing back and forth. Above this is a little opening where there are 4 apostles that you can spin around from the back. In between the gears and the apostles is a handle that you can turn around that moves the astronomical clock's hands around and around.

This build also includes 5 minifigures!
-A driver for the car
-An owner of the house
-A Mom
-A Dad
-A Son

If you want this idea to become a set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it!🤗👍🏻🕘🏫🏡

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