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Underground Station


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Underground Station

Here i am with my project. The Underground Station with train.

The project consist of a train, with 1 driver cabin and 2 passenger cabin, and the station.
The driver cabin has been made so it has a driver seat in both ends. So a quickly shift of the tracks and the train is ready to roll back in the other direction.
The passenger cabin has a row of seats and even a sliding door so the passengers can go from cabin to cabin to hopefully find an empty seat, sit down and read the newspaper.
The station is simple yet has what is needed for a quick access to the train from the street.
6 pillers hold up the roof and benches along the walls give seats to the waiting people.
The station have 1 entry/exit making it easy to find the way out when you are new in town.
Now more specific detail about the set.
  • The whole station is build on the classic 32x32 plate. It does not fill it all but this is a basic understanding of the size.
  • The train tracks used are the classic ones so it is easy to fit them along a route and maybe have more stations under your town.
  • The complete set with trains and station have 1426 bricks
  • The overall build is fairly easy and i have tried to made it an easy build with many of the same builds all around the model, so everyone can be part of the build.
  • As for the stairs down/up to the street, i have made them simple. But a later edition might be build with a nicer entry. But in this way people can build their own above ground, hence making it an easy model to fit with roads etc. to accommodate an already existing Lego city.
  • As for the 3 big white boards i am thinking about making some "track" related map of the lines. The 2 others + the 3 big grey boards can be used to display all kinds of commercials. Of cause with Lego.

This was all from me for now. Ask anything you want and hopefully support my project.
If the support is good i might make some changes along the way if needed or proposed.
Thanks for watching and reading.

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