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LEGO Grand Piano Project


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The LEGO Grand Piano!

This is trully the first and most detailed LEGO Grand Piano ever made!

Hi everyone! I have been very busy designing a huge LEGO Grand Piano. I made it white due to piece limitations. This piano is trully amazing and I am very proud of it! This took me a long long time to design starting with the base shape! There are a few standard Grand Piano requirements. All of which I have included into this amazing Concert Piano! I hope you all really like my design as I have put a lot of effort into designing the interior and making the piano look very posh!


-Opening piano lid (Can't not have that!)

-Raising beam to hold lid up (Very important!)

-Detachable piano lid (So you can observe the inside well! or If you wanted to perform the Nutcracker!)

-Detachable music stand (For concerts)

-Change the angle of the music stand

-Detachable keyboard lid (To protect keys from dust!)

Idea of the Parts:

There are many important pieces to make this piano as realistic as possible! They include, All the yellow to represent the golden interiors, The more golden pieces to add effect on the legs and music stand and finally the realsitic dampers and strings made out of slopping black bits and grey grooved flats! I thought that the dampers really made the piano look good! I don't think you would find another piano on "LEGO IDEAS" with this much detail in the interior! 

Design and Construction Process:

The big job of designing this piano was all up to me! Nobody asked me to make this! I have a very large love of music so it would be silly not to have a LEGO model of a Grand Piano to look at!

The design started with a simple google search. I got a template of the measurements of the piano and pasted squares on to represent the base plates! After that I spent a long time adding and removing pieces to get an accurate shape of the Grand Piano! I tried many times and after a couple of hours, I had the perfect shape. It was a lot longer than I expected but it really looks good finished! It was pretty easy after that, I built up the walls and added the accessories. You know the Legs, Pedals, the Music Stand and the Chair of course! 

Now I was faced with an interior, Which was quite hard even seeing that I know a Grand Piano quite well. I started adding a few yellow bits and then it just flowwed from there! I spent hours and hours fiddiling and now it is amazing! "You will not find any other Grand Piano on "LEGO IDEAS" with this much detail inside!" And that's what makes this unique. Not the size not the dissaray of pieces, THE INTERIOR!

I hope you all like this amazing Grand Piano as I have worked very hard! Please support this amazingly detailed intrument! Thank you all for your support!

This Piano Was Inspired From The Real Fazioli Grand Piano.

This Piano Was Designed And Built On The 13th August 2017 In New Zealand.

This Design Is A Complete Origional Design By Me And Is Copyright And No Parts Of It Are Coppied From Anyone Else.

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