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Abandoned House


Hello LEGO builders!

I have made an Abandoned House. I made this house to look like it was built long ago. Inside this house, there is an old fashion oven, bed, and couch. The house is filled with plants, flowers, weeds, and inside I even added a tree. 

The outside of the house has an old archway over the walkway to the door. In the lawn, there are vines and overgrown trees. The lawn itself is very uneven. The unevenness makes it look like it has not been kept. 

What inspired me to make this creation was when my family and I visited a ghost town.  Everything was really old but it was very pretty. In my creation, I really wanted to capture that beauty though still have it look abandoned. 

Please support my project. It would be amazing if my creation made it to 100 supports. Your support helps me get closer to that first goal! Also, tell me your thoughts on Comments. I love hearing from you!

Your fellow LEGO builder

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