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Retrofuturistic Garage Hideout


Retrofuturism is the adaptation of styles from the past to the future. I like this style because you can be very creative with it.

This creation is the hideout of some outlaws, where they hide their car and where they're building a powerful armor with the technology that they're stealing. I included a police car with two cops, a veteran officer and a rookie. They are wearing armours too, but they are not as powerful as the other one, so they have shields. 

The red car is based in a american car from the 50s, while the police car is more like a japanese car from the 80s. The red one has room for two minifigures and the police car for three minifigures, one of them behind bars for security.

I built a functional version of the building to show the playability, but the colors of the project are different, as you can see here, plus some extra details.  There is a technic system that allow you to open the roof and a lifter that gets the car out of the hideout. You can open the roof turning the wheel, and lift the car with the crank on the top:

In the interior you can find a jukebox, a table and a station for the armor.  In the roof, there is an urban garden, because I think something that would be common in this kind of future 

I used 1781 pieces, without the minifigures.

I really like these designs, and I enjoyed a lot building this. So, please, support the project if you like. Thank you!

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