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Mini Mod-Rod


"In Rod We Trust!"

Far from being an inanimate carbon rod, this rod is of the hot variety! This yellow and black Mini Mod-Rod racer is hotter than hot, roddier than rod and ready to race.

Inspired by a combination of chibi car art and the classic over-the-top Matchbox cars of the 1970s - such as the Big Banger, Tyre Fryer, Piston Popper and Mini-Ha-Ha (especially the latter) - this Mini Mod-Rod features a genuine racing interior (in other words it’s rather sparse, being a steering wheel, a seat and two dials), is made from 184 LEGO pieces and offers great play value as it’s begging for personalised customisation so that your collection of minifigs can hit the streets and race!

This is my first foray into the wonderful world of LEGO Ideas, so if you like this project do please take time to vote for it and spread the word? Thank you!

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