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Hot Dog - Takeaway

I am happy to present my creation of a mobile takeaway, which looks like a hot dog itself!
It could be placed on a beach, on an amusement park or where ever you want!
Beside the snack wagon, it contains a palm tree, a bush and a dustbin.

There are 3 minifigures included:

1. Female customer
2. Male customer
3. Cook

This set contains 397 pieces.

The roof is easy removable. On the backside is the entrance for the cook located. So let´s look what is inside of the wagon: We find a stove, a watch, ketchup and mustard, a gas bottle, a grill to keep the sausages warm, a pot, a knife, bread, a shelf with cups, pizza and some money.

Hmm, are you already hungry? :-)

For travelling you can fold up the stairways on both sides of the wagon. The upper parts of the doors are able to be opened separately, so the cook will gain some fresh air.

I hope you like this little set.

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Thanks for your interest! :-)

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