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Sugar Beet Railway Train With Power Function [LDD]

This is a sugar beet railway train set with a smaller steam locomotive 1B coupled tender locomotive (2-4-0) which is remote controlled with Power Function, a tank wagon with extra water for the locomotive and two sugar beet railway carriages. The gauge is, for example, 750 mm, which is used in many places in the world for such railways.

The steam locomotive has a fire in the boiler and a movable ignition joint. The tanker hides the Power Function receiver and battery. The two sugar beet railcars have folding sides.

On each siding there is a manual decoupling function. The long siding is meant to be out in the fields and the short siding is meant to be the sugar refinery.

The train can of course also run on brown coal or sugarcane if you prefer. And is very playable.

All new stickers / tampon prints are produced in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD standard size.

There are 1247 elements including 21 curved and 22 straight rails, as well as two switches and two stop barriers.

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