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Medieval River Outpost



This medieval river outpost is inspired by fond memories of the various traditional Lego castle themes.
The goal was to create a simple yet elegant structure set within an interactive colorful environment.


This small medieval outpost was built to allow its defending faction to maintain control of the river crossing.
It provides enough room to garrison a small guard detachment, along with some supplies and a small armory.

The structure was built into the cliffside to provide an excellent overview of the surrounding terrain for its defenders.

Any hostile forces wishing to easily cross the river will have to risk a dangerous passage across the bridge.
However, a clever foe may decide to take advantage of the surrounding scenery to gain an advantage by chopping down the tree next to the river.

Play features:

The set provides an interesting colorful scene that allows for various play scenarios.

Bandits may create a diversion by sending out their tamed wolf to draw away attention from the bridge. This could provide a window of opportunity for any raiding forces to swim across the river unnoticed. Once across, they can sneak around to the back of the outpost or scale the cliffs.

Alternatively they could hide near the forest until night-fall and decide to chop down the tree next to the river. The tree features a simple hinge-mechanism allowing it to be felled, thus providing an alternate way to cross the river. An acrobatic bandit could then decide to climb along the fallen tree, and jump right onto the cliff...surprising any unattentive guards.

The river outpost could also be combined with existing castle sets to provide many more scenarios. For example one can imagine a hostile faction marching towards the defender's main castle. But they would first need to find a way to get past the river outpost which guards the defending faction's border.


  • Ideally, the river in this set would be printed onto a custom baseplate. For illustration purposes it was built with blue and tan plates.
  • The set is presented with the traditional Black Falcons and Wolfpack factions. This is merely to illustrate the concept and play features, factions could of course be replaced with any other existing or new factions. Having said that, the Black Falcons are still my favorite faction :-)
  • Brick count is around 320. By making use of the larger cliff and castle wall molds, the idea would be to produce this set for a target budget of about 50$, making it accessible for a large audience.


Thank you very much for checking out my idea.
Feel free to support and share this project if you like it. Any feedback and comments are of course also very welcome!

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