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The Italian Job (1969) Sewer Pipe Display Diorama

One of the greatest classic movies that still is instantly recognisable is The Italian Job. Starring a very young Michael Caine, the iconic red, white and blue minis in formation are an iconic piece of British Cinema.

I've captured one of the most iconic scenes as a Lego model that is both aesthetically pleasing and has an element of playability to it. The Mini's are propped on hidden placed plates to give the feel of movement and that real sway in the pipes like the Mini Coopers did in the film, but can also be removed and played with.

A great piece for adults to display, and for children to discover a true classic!

I watched The Italian Job as a child and instantly fell in love with the Mini Cooper - to the point I have only ever owned Mini's exclusively. This cut pipe diorama has been a dream of mine for many years, drawn on paper but not yet achieved. My dream would be to build a real life display with actual cars. This design has now been immortalise in Lego form!

When designing Lego sets I try to always factor in affordability and design appeal. Therefore, on this set I have used all pre-existing bricks (Shape and colour) and for the first time, tested the idea of illuminated bricks to bring the action to life!

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