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A Hotel in Venice (Full of Art)

I have always admired the realistic art studies that are designed to be exhibited in the open air. In my new Lego Ideas Project, I have tried to design a model, which I have come across with in Venice, to push the boundaries of both Lego System and Lego Technic.
I have tried to do my best to construct a similar model of a typical historical hotel building in Venice, which shows only the front view as a single wall by using appropriate Lego Bricks since there is a limitation of brick to reflect all architectural details of the original building.
Although I have lost the track of the exact number of pieces, still I have tried to count after I have finished with the project and have made some changes for the sake of 3.000 pieces limitation. I guess, the revised version of the set comprises of approx. 2790 pieces (±10 pieces) and includes 2 minifigures, namely the gondolier and the photographer.  
For the huge single wall, which is 2x43x97 in size including openings, the number of bricks used is approx. 780 and the number pieces used for the windows is approx. 610. The rest of the pieces, which is approximately 1.400, were used for the roof including terrace (approx. 610), and foundation together with the front garden (approx. 250) including plates and water (approx. 540).
Dimensions of the model;
Length: 77 cm
Height: 50 cm
Many thanks for your supports in advance!

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