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Lego Cargo Docks

This is a cargo dock made with genuine Lego pieces. The idea popped into my head and I started building it with whatever the pieces I had without any instructions. The dock contains a cargo ship containing the containers of different colors. In the dock you can see two cranes used to pull the containers from the ship to the dock. The set also contains a factory in the corners where smoke is coming out. And to complement the set there are some others buildings.

Originally, I thought to build a ship to float on water but then the idea turned to make a dock as well as the ship. So I grabbed my Lego pieces and started building.

I think this will be a great set for the young people to have as a collection. Alongside with other Lego sets containing ships and boats, this can be an addition to the Lego city theme. This is a mini model but can be made into a standard size like other Lego sets. The price can be very reasonable and would be suitable for multipurpose gift (e.g. Christmas, birthday etc.) I am happy to build this idea of cargo dock.

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