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Lava Castle (Microscale)

This small castle is a microscale model, originally designed by BrickDesigner. This kinda still life project shows how it looks like when your hillside castle is surrounded by a huge lava flow, glowing and bubbling towards the land.
Mostly I use the scale 1:31.25, but this is a microscale building which doesn't fit in my comfort zone, that's why it is more interesting. This project is one of my first freely built ones ever, seems to have been stepped into a new era for me.
The model is 24 studs wide and 16 +4 studs in depth and about 16 bricks high. It consists of 598 bricks, including unicorn horns, Minecraft pieces, ice cream scoops, technic gears, many transparent lava representing pieces and some glossy crystals, also hiding inside the little cave on its side.
Considering that there are few microscale models and there ain't no any lava surrounded castles I hope this project will be a popular one.

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