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Walking Astro Grappler

One of my favorite sets as a kid, and still one of my favorite sets today is 6882 Walking Astro Grappler. For those of you who never had this set, what makes it so great is that it is completely unlike anything else that Lego ever designed for Classic Space. It isn't a ship, it doesn't have wheels, and it isn't a base. Rather it walks on pairs of double legs, and the cockpit is enclosed by a pair of windshields that point up and open out. The legs and the cockpit swivel on lazy susans so that they move in unison and the cockpit remains oriented perfectly straight. Plus it contained an arm with a claw to pick stuff up with. There was only one problem with the set, and that was the legs tended to fall off if you weren't careful playing with it.

So I have redesigned this classic set using modern parts and modern construction to solve its stability issues while also allowing the cockpit to swivel. While this may not be a large set, Ideas sets don't need be to large in order to pack in a lot of fun. This set stays true to the original sets scale and proves that an Ideas set can come with an affordable price tag.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And did I mention it comes with a purple astronaut?

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