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Speed Racer Mach 6

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this is a to mini-figure scale Lego model, made from many different Lego sets broken down. To create this i used pictures online of the real Mach 6 from the movie speed racer. This model uses the unique curved Lego pieces to create the rounded effect on the Mach 6.

The car is equipped with a digital display on the dashboard very similar to the real car.
sticker paper was used to make the decals which add the finishing touches!

top view

you can see the unique display of controls on the dash board. i wish there were Lego pedals!

side view

front view

you can see here that there is a unique curve covering the wheels. To do this i put two slant point pieces next to each other, and a hinge piece on one side and hinged it at a downward angle as shown above...

back view

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