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Fairy Castle


Days in the Fairy Castle are passing happily and the Fairy Queen is reigning all over his people. The throne is inside a big hall with decorated beams and a semicircular frieze over the big two-shuttered door. Outside, in a very big garden, a fairy shaped fountain pours the crystalline water into a stone circular tank. Two big towers in the frontal facade, with decorated windows, allow the guard to watch the entire realm.

When the Evil Folk arrives, enjoy the battle and help the inhabitants to defend their castle. When the orc and the werewolf attack use the power of the Wizard to defeat them and to save the fairy world.

This set is made of 876 pieces and contains 6 minifigures:

-the Fairy Queen with her magic wand

-the Mighty Wizard with his powerful stick

-the Valiant Knight armed with a shield and a halberd

- an elf of the Fairy People

-the Ugly Orc who carries an armor, a helm and a tremendous saber

-the Bad Werewolf with a big mace.

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