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LEGO BIONICLE BrickHeadz: 20th Anniversary Set!


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Six heroes, one destiny: defeat Makuta and save Mata Nui. Unity! Duty! Destiny! This is the way of the BIONICLE.

What Is It?
This submission consists the six original LEGO BIONICLE Toa in BrickHeadz form: Tahu, Onua, Pohatu, Gali, Lewa, and Kopaka.

Why Did I Build It?
     This submission is the result of a lifelong passion for both LEGO and the LEGO BIONICLE sets. These models are something I originally designed over year and a half ago. After noticing some Star Wars BrickHeadz, I realized that the design possibilities for were endless, limited only by my imagination and creativity. I began tinkering around with some BIONICLE-based BrickHead ideas on LEGO Digital Designer. In recognition of BIONICLE's upcoming 20th anniversary, I decided to revisit this concept of mixing the old and new together. If LEGO has honored significant milestones in their history before, should this not be one of them? Consider the recent past:

* 2018: The 60th anniversary of the LEGO bricks.
* 2018: The 40th anniversary of the LEGO minifigure.
* 2021: The 20th anniversary of LEGO BIONICLE.

What better way to celebrate both BIONICLE's history and continuing legacy than by reimagining the Toa Mata as BrickHeadz? These small but quirky models are quick builds and instantly recognizable as your favorite hero!

With your help, this dream can become a reality! Each one of your votes count towards making this an official LEGO model!

What's In This Set?
     Each model is based on the original 2001 sets, with special attention given to their unique Kanohi masks and LEGO Technic features. Every Toa features a small gear on the back which can be twisted, replicating the Technic feature of the original sets. Every Toa also features arms which can be spun around (except Pohatu), replicating the gear-based rotating feature from the original sets. As a fun little bonus, each BrickHead includes a miniature Toa Canister, each colored according to their respective original set. Each baseplate is also designed to reflect the Toa's individual element.
     Toa Tahu includes a face modeled upon his red Kanohi Hau, one spinning arm (right side), one non-spinning arm (left side), and his red fire sword. Consists of 109 bricks.
     Toa Lewa includes a face modeled upon his green Kanohi Miru, one spinning arm (right side), one non-spinning arm (left side), and his green jungle axe. Consists of 111 bricks.
     Toa Kopaka includes a face sculpted to include his white Kanohi Akaku's four eyes, one spinning arm (right side), his white sword, one non-spinning arm (left side), and his white shield. Consists of 117 bricks.
     Toa Onua includes a face modeled upon his black Kanohi Pakari, a build which incorporates his hunchback build, two spinning arms, and his black digging claws. Consists of 120 bricks.
     Toa Pohatu includes a face modeled upon his brown Kanohi Kakama, a build which incorporates his upside-down build, two stationary arms, two stationary legs, his oversized feet, and a boulder. Consists of 120 bricks.
     Toa Gali includes a face modeled upon her transparent blue Kanohi Kaukau, two spinning arms and her blue hooks. Consists of 114 bricks.

Each picture was rendered using Mecabricks. Thank you so much to each of you LEGO fans and fellow Ideas users for looking at this proposed model. Please consider supporting it. BIONICLE lives on because of you!

Play well.

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