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Arecibo Message

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44 Years ago we sent a message into deep space via the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. The message was directed towards the globular star cluster M13 and so far no reply has been recieved. My design celebrates the message with a cool mosaic and the year of transmission on the reverse. Ideal for hanging any Lego Space fans' wall!

The message is broken down as follows:

The top white rows are binary numbers.

The purple block represents the binary numbers corresponing to the DNA elements.

The green blocks represent nucleotides.

A blue and white double helix.

A red person with binary height and binary representation of the human population in 1974.

Yellow planets with Earth raised up to indicate where we're from.

A purple radio telescope with its binary diameter in blue and white.

The set would consist of 558 pieces and measures 73 Studs long by 73 wide.

Who knows? By the time you've finished voting 'they' may have picked up the phone! :-)

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