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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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This is a LEGO model of Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! 

Before Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, he worked for Universal making the Alice comedies, short films with a live-action character in a cartoon background. After Walt finished the Alice Comedies, he started working on completely cartoon shorts, starring a rabbit named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. While working on the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons, Walt asked Universal for more money to make better cartoons, and then Universal fired him. Then Walt Created that famous Mouse...

In 2006, the Disney company got the rights back to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and since then, Oswald  has appeared in merchandise, video games, Disneyland, cameos in two Mickey Mouse shorts, and there are even rumors about him having his own cartoon series in the new Disney Plus!

This model would have a display stand with an Oswald minifigure (black rabbit hood over white printed head would work for the, well, head).

Whether you are an Oswald or Disney fan, this model is the perfect size for a desk or shelf,  so if you want to see a LEGO set of my favorite Disney character, please click the support button, and share this with those you know!

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