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Ocean Shack Restaurant


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out the Ocean Shack Restaurant!

This project is based on a small restaurant, built on docks farther off the coast of a tropical destination, that sells freshly-caught fish to tourists and locals alike. A small dock is included so that customers, such as the two men in caps rowing their boat, can dock private boats. There is also a small dual-purpose hand rail and step at the end of the dock that serves as a hand rail when the ferry, which has an orange hull that has a sticker that reads "21" on the side, is not there, and as a step when the ferry is docked there. The ferry has five passenger seats and a cockpit for the driver, who has a joystick and handlebars for steering. A coffee mug sits in the corner in case he gets thirsty. The driver is elevated so he can see over the passengers' heads. One man is reading on the boat next to a woman, who are sitting side by side in the back of the boat. An empty seat is in front of them. In front of that seat is a step to make the transition between docks to boat more comfortable. Two seats have been placed in the front with guards to make sure that nobody falls off the boat. Also, two people are standing in the boat. Many people are either trying to get off the boat or on the boat from the docks. As we make our way up the docks, the guards to make sure that nobody falls off. Two outdoor tables that seat a single person each sit next to the restaurant, nestled between the railing and the actual building. Two men sit here, one eating and one waiting for his food. Both the doorway and the windows are open, with no window panes or door. The restaurant is called "Fish King," so there is a large wooden sign up on the roof, along with a dome that not only provides architectural interest, but also a handle to lift the roof off. A single light hangs from the ceiling, although it's not shown in the photos. Inside, two men cheer on the fishermen, who have just come back in their large-engined, black motorboat with a driver and a fisherman. The driver is clutching a fish that they have just caught. The chef for the restaurant is trying to pick up the fish so he can cut it up and put it on the grill. Inside is a barrel full of water and some rectangular wooden plates for the fish to be served on. Balanced on a post is a coffee mug that is used to ladle up batter in a light gray bucket next to it to put on the fish. Next to the bucket of batter is a grill with two pieces of cut up (but mostly raw) fish represented by silver 1x1s (to match the color of the LEGO fish piece that I own. A knife also sits on the side of the grill to cut up fish before putting it on the grill. However, customers don't have much choice of dish due to the limited amount of space. The two items on the menu are grilled fish with no batter and grilled fish with batter. Next to the grill, a cashier is charging a man, plus his three other family members, for their meal. Nearby, a table has been placed in the corner. This project includes 31 minifigures.

Once again, thank you for checking out this project!

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