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Fish Tank


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Fish Tank is a view down into a different world. When I was thinking about making this, I wanted it to be an alternative to a live fish in a bowl. So I started with a Gold fish. Called Bob. And it grew around him.

I was thinking about all nature documentaries: Diving beneath the waves, the sharks hanging just off the drop-off hunting the herring. The manta-rays swirling off in the twilight waters, while deep on the sea floor. Starfish move slowly, sifting there way through the sand. Tiny red and brown crabs filter the detritus off the bottom. Metallic black and purple seahorses cling in the currents, to the glass like sea grass. A giant rock crab harvesting the sea bed. Jelly fish with long deadly tentacles float into deep waters. As a shoal of shimmering mackerel dart through the underwater canyon and a giant golden fish swims above them. 

I also put a small hole in the back of the tank so it could be used as a night light a simple string of led lights and it will be a light for a child to go to sleep by. 

I really enjoyed making this model. I hope you enjoy it too. 

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