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The Space Sailboat of Tezcatlipoca

About the Build:
When I was imagining what boat to do I wanted something that could be easily distinguished from far away on the horizon, and I thought, what about a sailboat?, with giant sails that look like a shark fin. Also, not only it would look cool as a sailboat, but when is converted into a spaceship the wings would be enormous.

It is an easy build due to its 850 pieces, and the functionality of the sails is based purely on the shape of the technic bricks, meaning that thanks to how they connect, it can be possible to rotate and move.

Looks amazing in both presentations and includes only one character, Tezcatlipoca. And of course, the sails represent him, so when you see it on the horizon you immediately know who is it.

The Fantasy:
After Quetzalcoatl (Quetza for short) had arrived at Chichén Itzá and after meeting with the king he went to have some sleep in a typical Mayan house.

Previously, when Quetza was king of Tula, he was defeated by Tezca, and then retired from the battle and went to Yucatán, where he met the Mayans and their floating cities.

The Mayan king, Upakal, wanted Quetza to lead an expedition to space. The primary objective was to explore and learn new things, but everything was about to change.

A couple of weeks after Quetza arrived in town, he was sleeping in his house, when suddenly, the house shook and a loud noise came from the backyard. He went to what was it, it was Tesca! He had returned to defeat him again.

You have defeated me before! But this time is different, I have new knowledge and power!, said Quetza.

I know that is why I have returned, I want to see if you are a worthy enemy!, said Tesca.

(Because there is already too much violence in the world, they will challenge them to a Mario Kart race, and not to an actual battle)

The race started and Tezca took the lead, his boat was lighter and faster, but Quetza was not giving up. They fiercely battled and just two corners before the end, Tezca was about to through banana peals but Quetza got a "star", and went through, passed Tesca, and won!

Now we are tied!, said Tesza, I will return to challenge you again!

The Mayan people, scared by this threat, told Quetza that he needed to start the space expedition immediately, to find new technologies and secure his victory next time.

And so he went, Quetza got everything prepared, gave a motivational speech to his crew, and then they went!!

Into the space and beyond!

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