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Kerbal Space Program - Vehicle Assembly Building


Kerbal Space Program is a game made by Squad in which players design and fly their own rockets while managing a space program.  It has been ported to a number of different gaming systems, and has gained the interest of agencies such as NASA and SpaceX.

This project is for the Vehicle Assembly Building, which is the building in which the player can create their rockets.  It features the Vehicle Assembly Building itself, as well as a rocket and launch pad.  The figures found in this set include Jebediah Kerman, Bob Kerman, Bill Kerman, Wernher Von Kerman, and three construction workers.

The rocket can detach from the launch clamp holding it to the launch pad and blast off into space!  After burning up all of the fuel in the first stage, the top part of the rocket can detach and be used as a lander.  And when it's time to return to the planet Kerbin, the landing capsule on top can detach from the lander and use its parachute to float safely to the ground.  The VAB features an opening main door, allowing for the rocket to be removed when construction has been completed.

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