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Mars Base Camp


MARS BASE CAMP.  A modular interplanetary spacecraft currently being designed/built by Lockheed Martin.  It's designed to transport 6 astronauts to Mars and back to earth safely.  It has two propulsion engines that double as smaller orbital spacecraft that can seperate from the main ship, and also provide primary propulsion for the main craft.  It has two Mars surface landing craft that can sustain two astronauts on the surface of Mars for two weeks and then return to the main craft to resupply and refuel, and it has two specially designed landing craft for landing on both of Mars's moons Phobos and Deimos.  This is an actual spacecraf that will start construction by the mid 2020's.  This is going to be Lockheed Martin's flagship in space exploration.

I love designing spacecraft futuristic or soon to be modern.  I love to keep tract of what NASA and other space agencies are working on and use their craft as inspiration.  This is an actual spacecraft that will be used in the Second Space Race that we have entered.  This is a great design, not much play value, but it's a great idea and set that would look great next to the Saturn V rocket.

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