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Deep Sea Fishes

     The deep sea is full of odd animals; a 200+ foot long living string of goo*, a 30 foot long giant squid, a squid who's scientific name means "Vampire squid from the underworld"**, etcetera. 
     So here I have made three models of deep sea fishes***; the pelican eel (Eurypharynx pelecanoides), stoplight loose-jaw (Malacosteus niger), and an anglerfish (order Lophiiforms). Each has it's own display stand, made up of a fancy base, a name tag, and various rock/sand decorations. The pelican eel is fixed in place, but the loose-jaw and anglerfish can be rotated. The loosejaw's and eel's lower jaws can also close. All of them have loads of accurate colors and details. 
     I built this set because I absolutely love the deep sea and it's animals. I believe that it would make a great set because of it's accuracy. 

*reference to giant siphonophores (Praya dubia)
**Vampyroteuthis infernalis
***fish is used to refer to multiple individuals of the same species, fishes refers to multiple individuals of different species. So 'fishes' should be used here.

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