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Naboo Theed Generator Complex

This set is based on the climactic duel from the end of Star Wars; The Phantom Menace. It is my interpretation of the generator complex to which the "duel of the fates" takes place.

It contains the minifigures; Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Two battle droids and a droideka are also included.

The front of the set is designed to resemble the architecture of the Theed Palace. On the lower level there is the main entrance to the complex and on the upper level there is a Theed balcony.

The main doors on the bottom can slide open to reveal the complex. There is also a secret upward sliding door on the balcony level.

The main complex has two walkways (upper and lower) and 2 oppositely oriented smaller walkways. The upper walkway leads to a simplified version of the energy hallway (just an entrance with removable beams).

The entrance then leads to the energy shaft where Darth Maul is defeated (temporarily?). This shaft can then be opened with hinges which aids in playability and accessibility.

Thanks for viewing! If you'd like to see Lego produce a set of this epic duel then please support!

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