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Tacos (D.I.Y)

Get creative with this new LEGO Tacos, which you get to make. You can change the type of meat in it, and you get to choose which sauce you want. You can even get more creative by adding other topping of your own on it. These three tacos combined are 646 pieces, but that doesn't really matter because you are the ones making it. You can go easy like the green sauce, to mild like the orange sauce, or even go flamin' hot with the red sauce.

This is a LEGO set where you, the creator decides which path his or her takes to make these astonishing LEGO sets. I think this would be a good LEGO set because you can make three of them, so also your sibling or friend can make one too. I'm trying to figure out a way where you can easily put on and take off the stuff on the inside. Hopefully you'll enjoy.

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