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Amazon EDV700 - Electric Delivery Van by Rivian

The future is green, and it is powered by low emission electric vehicles like the Amazon EDV700 (electric delivery van) by Rivian. Amazon has ordered over 100,000 of these EDV's from Rivian, and will be replacing all of their gas combustion engine vans with these electric ones worldwide by 2030.

Like many AFOL's I have received many LEGO sets delivered via Amazon drivers. I designed this set to help promote a change from gas powered to electricity powered vehicles. Electric vehicles like this Amazon EDV help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the planet. The real life EDV700, is 23 ft long, weighs 9300lbs, has 660 cubic feet of storage space, 1 electric motor, and a battery with 150 miles of range, that can fast charge at over 200 kw.

This minifigure scale version is 10 studs wide and 28 studs long. It features a fully functional roll-up rear door. The van holds many boxes, and has a red dolly for heavy items. This proposed set would come with 1 delivery driver minifigure. The cabin of this van is just like the real EDV700 with giant touchscreen displays, a ergonomic drivers chair, a folding passengers seat, and a fire extinguisher.

Every city themed moc could use one of these minifigure scale EDV's, driving around town doing deliveries. This van although 10 studs wide fits nicely with the modern 8 stud cars. This set was built digitally using Bricklink's studio 2.0 program. I designed the logo stickers using Bricklink's part designer program, however ideally if this set makes it to 10,000 votes and is produced the logo's would be printed on the tiles.

If you care about the environment, or want to add realism to your city moc's, or just enjoy receiving packages delivered to your door, then the Amazon EDV700 - electric delivery van by Rivian is a must add set to your collection. Please login or create a FREE account to vote in support of this projects 10,000 vote goal.

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