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LEGO Metroid : Samus Aran

For Metroid fans and LEGO fans out there!
Celebrating the release of Metroid Dread,
 I am happy to present this new project featuring Samus Aran’s Power suit, in a 1:6 scale Lego model!

> Design
Design of the power suit is inspired by the classic look from Metroid returns and Super Metroid.
The suit includes metallic gold color parts for the best texture, plus some red and lime parts for highlights!
Alternate colors for Metroid Dread new suit may be unleashed if this gets enough supports🔥
Dimensions: 23.1x 11.5x 35.6 cm / 9’’ x 4.5’’ x 14’’ (Total parts 690)

> Posing
The figure is highly posable with 12 joints
Neck, shoulder, elbow, hips, knees, feet and a flexible waist!
I included a few classic poses here to showcase the design: Running, Holding + shooting the arm cannon, and of course the “Super hero landing” pose

Extra features :
A baby Metroid is included with Samus Aran. So you can recreate their adventures in Metroid Returns and Super Metroid!
Arm cannon included is the classic design. Beam blasting effects are included✨
More power-ups maybe coming if this gets enough supports~!

If you want to bring this LEGO Metroid set home,
Please Support the project

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