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Lego ZOO Crocodile enclosure

Lego ZOO is my idea to be added to the Lego-city.

I already created a lot of enclosures for different kinds of animals. The entrance the monkey enclosure and whole idea are already posted See my other Projects!
This one is for crocodiles.

The set contains 170 brinks.

Off course it connects to all of the other enclosures.

This enclosure has 2 crocodiles and some plants.
For now every enclosure has a bench, street light and trashcan. I will be creating different add-ons.

Here the enclosure is added into Lego ZOO.
You also see my Monkey enclosure, entrance and shark-tanks

Another angle off the enclosure.
You can see the 2 crocs and how the plants are arranged.

An overall view of the Lego ZOO

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