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Scania Milk Tanker


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Inspired by model 1952 Lego Dairy from 1989 and the many milk trucks driving around Denmark I made this heavily Scania-inspired tanker truck

It consists of 513 pieces and measures 8,8 x 43,9 x 10,8 in Stud. That equals 7,04 x 35,12 x 8,64 cm and 2,77 x 13,83 x 3,4 inches.


Being built to a 6 stud width, makes it fit in perfectly with the existing Lego City sets available from Lego today.

The model only doesn't feature any stickers, the stripes on the truck-tractor are brick-built. It also features some interesting building techniques in making the area around the windows and the wheels.


I have got the model to a standard I feel has got potential but am always open to suggestions for improvements and will update the project to keep it as good as it can be, so please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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