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Wreck in the Abyss


Hi everyone,

I am proud to present you my last entry: Wreck in the Abyss, my biggest set so far. I have been working on this project for months trying to make it more complete every day, adding new details, and I really hope that this become a real set to have in my room.

To create it, I was inspired by about 4/5 ships, combining the best features of each. During this process I had to pay attention to create good proportions and good aesthetics.

Surely the most traumatic and difficult part in the construction of the set was to "break" the ship into two parts in a realistic way, and position them at the right angle :D

Feel free to zoom in to better see all the details, all images have a resolution between FULL HD and 4K.

I sincerely hope that you too appreciate the result and if you kindly want to repay my efforts you can support me. If you want this set to become real please SHARE it on social media linking this page :)

Thank you!

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