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I Work in Space: Rocket Car

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This commuter rocket is for space station astronauts. Its powerful engines can carry it out of the Earth's orbit and into trajectories to the Moon and Mars. It docks with the Space Station Module, and a minifig can be posed exiting through its airlock & arriving at the station.

Sets in the 'I Work in Space' series:
• #55011 'Tow Truck'
• #55009 'Rocket Car'
• #32859 Service Module
• #54996 'Puddle Jumper'
• #32860 Space Station Module

This is the Rocket Car docked to the Space Station Module. There are matching portals on each kit. Inside the Space Station Module, the astronaut floats in and greets his fellow crew member, who is exercising on the micro-gravity treadmill.

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