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Lego will release the Architecture Skyline London, Not mine.

One more time, thanks for your supports.
Today I heard the news through '', LEGO Conpany will launch their own product. 

That means my project would be nothing to everyone. LOL.

Let me take this opportunity to say my IDEAS Project.
At first I designed the Skyline London with four Buildings; London eye, Big Ben, Tower bridge and Westminster Abbey.
However, they won't approve the projects related to reason; Religious references including.

Since then I changed Westminster Abbey to Greenwich Observatory.
I would like to take this chance to express my thanks to your supports, to introduce my original design.

Thanks one more time. Good luck :-)



100 supports !!

What a 100 supporters for this product?!
So grateful for the support I received :-)

And don't forget to support another skylines!
Thank you & Have a nice day.

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